LN-8143 Linear Leg Press

Linear Leg Press is very important machines for Leg mucles, very popular gym equipment for man in gym club, if you are gym owner, you must think about this machine. 
Back pad support adjusts to three different positions, Back pad support adjusts to three different positions, Easy-to-use flip-in, flip-out carriage release mechanism.

1. Main tube: Flat elliptical 100*50mm tube, thickness: 3mm
2. Available Color: Red/Orange/ Light Brown/Black
3. Painting: Silver Gray

Size: 249081550*1550mm
G.W: 126kgs/277lbs
N.W: 113kgs/249lbs

Warranty terms:
1) Ten years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
2) Four years - For any moving part or parts under normal use.
3) One years - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins.

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