LN-8951 Leg Press

Specific product for working out the legs. The equipment can be used to perform a wide variety of assisted lower limb exercises. The user sits on a mobile seat with the feet planted on a platform. This position prevents stress being placed on the muscles and joints of the back during exercise. Based on the position of the feet and the range of motion during the pushing movement, various muscles can be recruited at different intensities. Resistance is provided by a side-mounted weight stack, which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user.Our Leg Press Product brings you good exercise effect with careful design and biomechanics, it blends features of cheap, safety and comfort to use.
Large multi-angle foot platform offers variety of exercise positions
Back rest angle mimics squat position, minimizing the vertical load on the spine
Angle between foot platform and rails ensures recruitment of the hip extensors

1. Main tube: 120*60*3mm 
2. Super strong cable: Dia.: 6mm 
3. High-quality pulley: 90mm 
4. Molding cushion adopted 
5. Safety devices for weight stack and cable 
6. Ferromagnetic plug for weight stack adjusting 

Technical Specifications
Height (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 1250
Length (mm) 1520
Weight Stack (kg) 145
Frame Colours silver, black,
Upholstery Colours red, , black, yellow,brilliant blue, aviation blue
Front Weight Cover Colours Black
Muscles Quadriceps,Gluteus,Hamstrings,Gastrocnemius,Soleus

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