NG-2895 Plate tree

Product Feature:
1.      Main Pipe Tube: 140*40*3.0 mm, Q235 material, Flat oval tube, movement parts with φ65*3.0 round tube.
2.      Upholstery: 1.2mm thick PU leather with high tensile
3.      Wire cable: 7*19 nylon wire cable, large “V” style nylon pulley,
4.      Weight stacks: CRS angle weight stacks , range from 195 lbs to 315 lbs.
5.      Screws and Bolts: China 8.8 grade, US 5 grade, zinc-coated high quality fasteners, Tin-bronze alloy bearings  ensure the machine moves smoothly and safely.
6.      The structure of adjustable cushion is the patent right. The Parallelogram connecting bar which assisted by two gas spring adjusts the cushion smoothly and easyly.
7.      Shrouds: Full shrouds
Weight stacks: N/A
Gross weight:38kg
Net weight: 33kg
Size: 132*600*610mm

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