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  • LN-6805 Low Row

    This machine replicates the pulling movement towards the chest and the chin at the end of the exercise, activating the latissimus dorsi and the middle and upper trapezius. Upward movement pattern. Dual handgrip positions provide exercise va

  • LN-6803 Incline chest press

  • LN-6801 Pure Strength Chest Pre

    chest press replicates the dumbbell extension movement on the incline bench, activating the upper chest muscles Independent movement arms provide more balanced strength improvement and offer the choice of training one arm at a time or simul

  • LN-6802 Pure Strength Wide Ches

    Wide Chest Press enables users to perform a movement similar to lifting dumbbells on the decline bench, activating the lower chest muscles activating the lower chest muscles. Decline movement pattern. Independent movement arms provide more

  • LN-6810 Leg Press

    Pure strength leg press is replicates the extension movement of the lower limbs, in a closed kinetic chain. A pre-start system enables the user to begin the exercise from an easy starting position without limiting the Range of motion The la

  • LN-6804 Pull Down

    Pure Strength Pull Down replicates the retraction movement at the bar, activating the latissimus dorsi. Pure Strength pull down improves neuromuscular involvement and summetrical development of the muscles. The plane of movement is slightly

  • LN-6809 Calf

    Hammer Strength Calf activates the calf muscles, without placing any undue stress on the spine. The elliptical shape of the platform ensures maximum articular excursion and muscular involvement even in the last degrees of the ankle range of

  • LN-6808 Rear Kick

    Pure Strength Rear Kick replicates the he rear kick movement, in a closed kinetic chain, engaging the hamstrings and gluteal muscles. The wide pushing footplate enables training from different working angles. Closed kinetic chain movement f

  • LN-6806 Row

  • LN-6807 Hammer Strength Shoulde

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