Gym Equipment (Life series)

  • LN-8107 Lat Raise for gym club

    Lat Raise Pad positions are optimized for middle deltoid muscle stimulation Pivoting handles accommodate users of all sizes Counter-balanced arms for lower starting resistance 1. Main tube: Big D style tube, thickness: 3mm 2. Gas-spring sea

  • LN-8106-A Lat Pulldown

  • LN-8106 Pulldown exercise equip

    Pulldown Defined path of motion provides an easy exercise experience Diverging movement creates a natural downward pulling exercise pattern for a superior feel Angled thigh pad is fixed for simple operation and thigh stabilization 1. Main t

  • LN-8105 Biceps Curl exercise eq

    Biceps Curl Upper arm pads are configured to align elbow with the axis of rotation Independent arms allow for exercise variety Handles pivot automatically to fit all forearm lengths 1. Main tube: Big D style tube, thickness: 3mm 2. Gas-spri

  • LN-8103 Shoulder Press for gym

    Shoulder Press Converging press arms create a natural overhead pressing movement for superior feel Counter-balanced arms reduce starting resistance level Neutral and pronated hand grips for exercise variety 1. Main tube: Big D style tube, t

  • LN-8143 Linear Leg Press

    Linear Leg Press is very important machines for Leg mucles, very popular gym equipment for man in gym club, if you are gym owner, you must think about this machine. Back pad support adjusts to three different positions, Back pad support adju

  • LN-8122 Hip and Glute

    1. Main tube: Big D style tube, thickness: 3mm 2. Gas-spring seat 3. Super strong cable: Dia.: 6mm 4. High-quality pulley: 90mm 5. Available Color: Red/Orange/ Light Brown/Black 6. Painting: Silver Gray 6. Molding cushion adopted 7. Motion

  • LN-8147 Stretch Trainer

    Stretch Trainer: this is a gym equipment for relax your back and stretch your whole body, very useful for white-collar who works before the computer 1. Main tube: Flat elliptical tube 100*50mm, thickness:3mm 2 . Available Color: Red/Orange/

  • LN-8150 Back Extension for comm

    Back extensionis a strength training exercise. It is done for strengthening lower back muscles. Using equipment, it can be done by lowering the body from a stand and raising back using the roman chair , or using a back extension machine whe

  • LN-8152 Two Tier Dumbbell Rack

    Accommodates ten pairs of dumbbells, Integrated labeling system for dumbbell placement 1. Main tube: 100*50mm flat ellipitical style tube, thickness: 3mm 2. Available Color: Red/Orange/ Light Brown/Black 3. Painting: Silver Gray Size: 2290*


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